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woman with pepper wash? The female private parts is indeed can be used to clean water pepper, has good curative effect for the treatment of vulvar itching, only when water with pepper wash private parts also need to pay attention to, can not use hot water, the skin ulceration may not be used, in addition to stop use any lotion during this period.

said that although the Chinese prickly ash water has certain effect on improving the vulva pruritus, but we still need to pay attention to the use of the time in some places, only the skin is thick and dark, and no private break female friends can be used, if because of the acute phase of privates itching rash caused, especially in the condition of collapse broken is not available, in addition to the use of time should also pay attention to the water, do not wash, otherwise there is no effect.

privates cleaning

, 1 privates can be used pepper wash

women friends love to use pepper water to clean the genitals, in order to achieve antipruritic effect, this method can be, for treatment of external itching is good, and it plays a main role is the pepper. This kind of material pepper spicy, hot, with dampness, insecticidal, antipruritic effect, topical can deal with all kinds of chronic eczema and skin itching, so women can use to improve the cleaning vulva pruritus privates pepper water to clean.

woman body is among the most vulnerable and sensitive parts, usually need to pay special attention to nursing, once the negligence is easy to cause problems. So now the girls do not have genital itching, vaginitis and other kinds of difficulties, many female friends will use pepper water to wash when solving these problems are then privates, woman with pepper wash? Today we will together with you to analyze.

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