WeChat’s dilemma is to tell the webmaster simple operation truth

on the WeChat Shuabing phenomenon already accustomed to not accustomed to, no matter WeChat himself willing to charge, the final thing must be oriented charge results, but the charging mode remains to be considered. Tencent is pre paid, or WeChat and operator bisection, which remains to be discussed in the two companies own results. But we all can feel a signal that a Internet Co has a brand and user base, it will be a very terrible thing. Otherwise, WeChat will not be so many manufacturers collective siege. So what does the success of WeChat teach us, especially for those of us who are small and medium-sized, what kind of operation can learn it?

layman to watch, experts see road. WeChat as a communication product, the ultimate cause of its success is nothing more than a powerful communication function, in addition to short messages, photos, video, voice everything, to meet the needs of users at different levels. In contrast, the three operators, is obviously different in this way. For example, mobile communication signal, the early years with strong stability. China Unicom, is basically a monopoly of the China mobile communications industry, but later Mobile launched the product will focus more on the money, for example, has just launched Fetion actually charges, which obviously delays the progress in mobile mobile on the internet. Later, the mobile will focus on the mobile phone game, the development of communication is limited, which also led directly to China Unicom with the subsequent 3G network to pick up a weight. This back and forth two cases, clearly tell any one of us must establish product rich in the basic function of simple and pragmatic, who can guarantee that WeChat’s success is not the early communication function, none of these early, WeChat later APP development platform and products will be a circle of acquaintances so, webmaster friends understand that the nature of the product itself can not forget, this is the true meaning of our website, do not because of what went on elements of popular market relates to what you know, you may persist for a long time, you can also become the object of worship of others.

on WeChat, there is a good thing to think about, that is what WeChat is doing. Is it a product, an ecosystem, or an operating system?. I think in any case, Ma Huateng’s future composition, WeChat will be extremely important piece. In addition to improving the basic communication functions, WeChat also has a strong ability to learn. Although WeChat mentioned, referred to the Tencent, many of my friends are immediately thought of the word plagiarism eyes, yes, the Tencent’s many products are from some mature products, but WeChat’s ability to borrow from or can not be overlooked, such as WeChat’s APP platform, although at first the research object is Apple’s APP platform, but now hatching is similar to the scissors in hand, small gold and many other products, enrich the entire WeChat application platform. Even now there is a certain gap with Apple’s APP platform, but good at learning and combined with Chinese characteristics means will make WeChat has a stronger vitality. The >

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