What is the most difficult product for marketers

a day ago, Li Jiaoshou in the public number of marketers do a survey: what do you think is the most difficult to promote the product?


results in less than a day, received thousands of fans to reply, reply mentioned in the products is beyond count, these products are in the promotion process was hampered by a variety of factors on consumer cognition.


so, Li Jiaoshou today to analyze: what kind of product is the most difficult to promote?

what kind of product is most difficult to promote?

I think all marketers have such questions: why is not the same pit father’s conscience products, some products are harder to promote than other products?

, for example, insurance and chocolate can meet the needs of consumers, to persuade consumers to try a new taste of chocolate is easy, so that they buy insurance is very difficult.


in order to study this problem, we need to know in the end what circumstances, consumers will be more receptive to new products. Then reverse reasoning, naturally can find the factors that hinder consumers to accept.

so, the same is able to meet the needs of the product, when the product has what attributes, it is easier for users to accept it?

numerous consumer behavior research in the past, found these factors:

The first attempt at a

product was low: the first attempt was low – for example, a piece of chocolate,

products have a high value: before buying to determine its value – such as mobile phone before buying a look at the parameters to know;

products after a high value: after the purchase to determine its value – such as chocolate is not good to eat, eat once know;

products bring a positive image: after use to enhance the image – such as the purchase of high-end products;

products understand low cost: the product is easy to understand – such as bitter chocolate, it is easy to understand;

products are easy to pay attention to: consumers are easy to pay attention to such products information – such as clothing style;

products are in line with past perceptions: consumers don’t need to change the perception – like an average price of jeans.

the same value of the product, if you have more of the above attributes, in the stage of promotion to consumers will be much easier.

and any does not conform to the terms, will form a product extension of the obstruction factors, leading to even if the product is very good, can meet the demand, will also be in the early promotion when walking difficult:

products to accept the threshold of high – the first person with a keyboard, the need for a lot of learning, the beginning is not as fast as handwriting;

products lack a priori value: before purchasing

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