Network promotion tool – soft Wen promotion

network promotion weapon – soft Wen promotion

soft Wen promotion as its name implies is through an article publicity, publicity, including website, brand, product, image, etc..

soft, through their writing ability, put a product into all blend into one harmonious whole in the article, so that readers can see the wonderful, also can feel the existence of products. After you read the article to be able to impress, aftertaste, feeling, impulse. In particular, a check in the end to impulse, so as to achieve the promotion of soft effect. Reprint please indicate the source: Aberdeen network marketing blog

is the first title, the reader in the discovery of the title of the article, there is a want to continue reading to see what the idea, causing the majority of people resonate and desire to read. Remind people appetite, cause the attention of people, of course, soft Wen and the title of the party is different, the title of the party is the only use of the title of the article to attract readers, but that attract the attention of readers, continue reading the article, that article content is not title and theme of the original intention, such not only can not play the soft effect, but also easy to cause the reader, very strong antipathy.

we should do the soft Wen promotion is absolutely high quality of the article, the content and the title to be consistent, so that readers can find the article to stop after reading, rather than look at the two away. High quality of soft Wen can give readers a surprise, can let the user groups interested in production of articles and reprint articles, ideas, such a soft text is successful, the function is also unable to imagine, because the Internet world is infinite, a good article may be tens of thousands of Internet users and websites this collection, to achieve the effect is immeasurable.

if you are a personal webmaster, then a soft Wen promotion method is very simple is in each big Adsense nets to post their own original high quality articles, such as A5, Chinaz, knight, webmaster helper and so on site, after a good article in these high weight Adsense online, can bring a lot of traffic and promotion effect. For example, an article I [a] it will design, results, published in the A5 after being recommended to the home page, the flow is very considerable, soon hundreds of traffic, and many other websites reproduced, will bring considerable traffic and access.

the aim of promotion is consistent, but some products in the change, so our idea is the same, just to be able to produce high quality soft, there must be able to do the promotion of soft paper, the most important is thinking. Reprint please indicate the source: Aberdeen network marketing blog

I think the idea is soft: first clear to promote products, and then use the words of the perceptual rigid inclusion in one of its products, to form a whole soft article, the softer the better things after a flow to come.

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