Lao Xie public marketing Mengniu corporate citizenship

Xie most in favor of public service marketing, so much better.

today’s economy has entered a period of global competition, how a brand is concerned by consumers, how to make consumers feel good, and even loyalty, is the mission of each enterprise. However, in the information age, in the face of the information environment is the consumers get in by every opening, passive, lazy, is selfish, traditional market operations have not enough to attract the interest of consumers. Therefore, enterprises must set aside only for sales and marketing behavior, from the mind of consumers, build a can let consumer identity and social public trust is the background of the platform, the implementation of humanized marketing activities, let the public behavior and marketing activities bundled, in other words, is the enterprise in the marketing activity to society, for the consumer do good, let people remember your brand is a warm-hearted". This behavior is "public welfare marketing".

public marketing is concerned about people’s survival and development, social progress as the starting point, the use of public welfare activities and consumer communication, brand marketing activities with the popularity and authority of public welfare undertakings to carry out a series of spread and spread, at the same time have a public benefit to the consumer to business products or services have preferences in the purchase decision when the first choice of a marketing behavior of the enterprise products. Therefore, the premise of public welfare marketing is social responsibility, and the foundation of public welfare marketing is public welfare activities.

public marketing with high exposure and low cost of the situation to make brand visibility and reputation in the specific target group. According to the survey, 86% of consumers believe that the company has a public interest behavior has a more positive image, and 90% of employees are proud of the company’s public interest.

Mengniu is holding the key point, from the start to develop, every successful link penetrates the public behavior, is Mengniu public behavior, making the Mengniu in just a few years time from several business rankings, breakthrough a rival, has become a leader in the country a strong brand, so that "a cow ran out of the rocket speed", completed the other enterprises with dozens of years to complete the goal.

started to be not of the common sort of

was founded in 1999 at the beginning of the Mengniu in Hohhot city overnight on the launch of more than and 500 billboards, write "the development of the dairy industry, the revitalization of Inner Mongolia economy", "Trinidad steppe jumping Yili Group, Hing Fat Group, Mengniu Dairy, saiwaimingzhu glory group, Ningcheng Shiqi group and Hetao Mongolian King, only Erdos plateau towering the pride of zhaojun…… We cheer for Inner Mongolia, let Inner Mongolia take off." When Mengniu in the advertisement is very limited, not immediately to publicize their products, but in turn, concerned about the development of Inner Mongolia City, this is Mengniu carefully do in a bind, with the behavior of the mass and public won the recognition of the society, make you be not of the common sort was born.

Mengniu know that the development of an enterprise can not do without the truth of Social Development >

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