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soft marketing, not the general good. But some of the webmaster write soft text can’t stand, write a soft Wen, to give others moved. Nonsense is not much to say, to see what I wrote this "shop, waiting for love".

sometimes, people really want to be happy; sometimes, happiness is not known; in fact, more often, happiness is not far away from you.

came to West Lake tonight, a person, the heart is very calm and very happy, West Lake water is also very calm. Thousand years in West Lake, witness how much beauty, I don’t know. However, I also know that there are a lot of fate is here to meet. When watching the "The Legend Of White Snake", and the story of the White Snake Xu Xian, always let every girl heart waves. I am also eager to meet my fairy, in a rainy evening, walking in West Lake.

after graduation, I went to work in a wedding dress shop, looking at the girl wearing a wedding dress every day, in the heart of envy, I am waiting for my Xu xian. Hangzhou wedding competition is still more incentive, the boss encouraged everyone to have the spirit of innovation, improve the rebate. My college study is the electronic commerce, and investment in the online business, from Taobao to eBay, one shop business, relatively hard, report is not much, after all our business is in Hangzhou, the Internet platform more difficult to adapt to life, no waves without waves, according to the mirror, and the old people one year old, in fact I have a big push to man, but is not. In 2008, I turned back to the local network business, the Hangzhou network has achieved great development, it is a good time, I opened a shop in the most famous Hangzhou discount nets, called "Ziwei dress shop", my mother called crape myrtle, parents happy marriage is that I have to go.

Ziwei wedding dress shop slowly booming, now fashionable Hangzhou girl to find their dream wedding on the Internet, and I give advice and suggestions for them, looking at every girl wearing a wedding dress to turn to look, my heart is full of happiness, and full of desire. I am waiting for my Xu Xian, my marriage is so like? From the age of ten, I imagine, planning my wedding ceremony, specific to what kind of ring, what kind of carpet, but also let me help my sister’s daughter wedding, the most important is that the wedding must be to shoot in West Lake. Thousands of years ago, the White Snake Xu Xian and regret, let me finish. In the summer of 2008, Hangzhou discount network to carry out activities to invite online businesses to participate, it is the Olympic Games, the wedding business is very good, I passed. I met him at the meeting. A black suit, straight straight, handsome face, smile, there are two Si small dimple, suddenly the whole eye. I thought, such a person, but also open shop

?At the

meeting, he spoke. It turned out that he was working in a IT, in the discount network to open a shop is an amateur, he was born IT, familiar with the shop, he’s more than my business. His eloquence is very good, but also from time to time humor, discussion, we have to exchange cards with him. I put >

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