Website promotion of the eight basic methods (conventional website promotion method)

The implementation of

website promotion is achieved through a variety of specific methods, all of the site promotion method is actually a reasonable use of the website promotion tools and resources. According to the available common website promotion tools and resources, accordingly, the basic method of website promotion can also be divided into eight types: search engine promotion, e-mail promotion methods, resources to promote cooperation and information release promotion methods, viral marketing methods, quick website promotion method, network advertisement promotion methods. Comprehensive website promotion method.
?? eight basic methods of website promotion (conventional website promotion method) of
search engine promotion method?? the search engine promotion means using search engines, has classified catalog of online information retrieval functions of the network tools for website promotion. As the basic form of the search engine can be divided into network spider type search engine (the search engine) and artificial classification directory based search engine (the catalogue), so the search engine promotion in the form of a corresponding method based on search engine and method based on category, the former includes search engine optimization, keyword advertising, PPC, fixed position, based on content targeted advertising and other forms, while the latter is mainly to log on the website in the category right categories. With the further development of the search engine changes, but also the emergence of a number of other forms of search engines, but mostly based on these two forms.

?? the search engine promotion method and can be divided into many different forms, common are: login free catalogue, login pay categories, search engine optimization, keyword advertising, keyword ranking, web content targeted advertising etc..

?? from the current development trend, the status of the search engine in network marketing is still important, and has been recognized by more and more enterprises, search engine marketing mode is evolving constantly, so we should choose the right way to search engine marketing according to the change of environment.


2 e-mail promotion methods?? by e-mail as the main website promotion means, commonly used methods include electronic publications, newsletters, professional service providers such as email advertising.

?? user permission Email marketing and spam based on (Spam), permission marketing than traditional way without permission or promotion Email marketing has obvious advantages, such as advertising can reduce the nuisance to users and increase the positioning accuracy of the potential customers and enhance the relationship with customers, enhance brand loyalty. According to all forms of user email addresses that are licensed by Email marketing, can be divided into internal list Email marketing and external list Email marketing, or short list of internal and external lists. The internal list is commonly referred to as the mailing list, is the use of registered users of the site to carry out Email marketing methods, common forms such as news mail, membership communications, electronic publications, etc.. External list >

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