How to make use of hot event theory

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operation method of out yo. If you want to focus on the product, think it is not a comprehensive error. But the operation is about the execution. The focus is to think of a plan, the rapid implementation. Only contact with the user, or with experience to do, in order to implement the operation. Operation itself there are many variables. This is the best place to run.


, a hot event ideas stage

1, to determine whether the hot event is worth

For example,

last year’s event, we must consider is worth doing. Because it involves moral issues, a company with a conscience to determine the value of this event is not worth tracking. Last year, Durex will not participate in the hot UNIQLO event tracking. This is the value of an event itself. Hot events mainly Shuabing class phenomenon, such as the Kobe thing, resulting in the circle of friends scraper class phenomenon, even if not watching people will know this thing. This kind of thing is worth learning from. There are new year’s day, such as WeChat photo brush burst circle of friends. That is the phenomenon level, it is worth doing.

2, to determine the hot event user groups

user groups need to determine whether to fit our own user base. For example, Kobe retired thing, selling jerseys electricity supplier is completely fit. They are the people who like to play basketball. Because I like to play basketball, so it will produce to buy jerseys. And this hot thing, you can use Kobe’s charm to attract users. So here’s the user group is fit. But if you sell cosmetics, then you and Kobe retired this thing is far worse.

3, to determine the impact of the hot events


event is not Shuabing level event, is not the phenomenon. If it is not particularly obvious things, do hot event marketing needs to think about the value is not worth doing. There are hot events can cover the scope of their own, if the impact of their own scope is large enough, then we do the marketing of the more worthy of the event. We can save a lot of energy because of our marketing cost and communication ability.

the above 3 points are clear, after judgment, we will enter the discussion stage.

two, hot event discussion stage

1, consider publishing channels

first of all, to the local channel to consider. For example, WeChat public number, or Sina micro-blog, or QQ space. The release of various channels is to grasp the main user groups. For example, QQ space is the majority of young people. Sina micro-blog is mainly a number of strong media attributes in the use of. So in the channel release, to think about the user body of the channel is not our seed users, and they will not help us to spread the copy.

2, consider the canal