Enterprise website promotion operation plan

The following is Chaidir

Technology Co. Ltd., a website or a website promotion plan, by virtue of their knowledge and experience of website operation 2 years to write, feel more valuable, I hope to help everyone here and share with you, the following with Chaidir Technology Co., Ltd. as an example.

to promote the overall development and operating company Chaidir business, website operation promotion is one of the main channel; the combination of the company’s website promotion plan preliminary planning as follows, hope all employees work together, assist to complete.

the first part of the network to promote online

1) content: make the most concerned about the user, the most attractive content

what we need to do is content integration, the formation of a sufficiently attractive theme, presented on the home page, channel home page and promotion page. The service is supreme, the detail is in place, gives the visitor to be big enough the imagination space, lets the common colleague enterprise produce a kind of sense of distance. Reflect the simple but not simple, the overall style. I think this is the so-called high-end.

2) website title bar (Title) content optimization:

write network briefly, no more than 30 words, and then the adaptation, as far as possible reasonable import related industry Web site keywords, in other words, to write "search engine" version of the web site.

3) the title of the site content page added:

web content page, in particular, which is more important channel, column home page, you should add the same title as the site’s home page, add the principle of similar to the site’s home page title.

4) add and optimize site home page tags (META):

in the web page code, embedded descriptive text, summarized the characteristics and advantages of the website, also use the search engine’s language characteristics, it has a good effect on the optimization of search engines scan. Similarly, the site is more important channel, column home should also take the same steps. The other involves the optimization of search engine results, such as the increase in bold text title (do not use pictures instead), column setting to facilitate the search engine scanning, increase the content of paging and so on, can also be appropriate to do some.

5) search engine optimization promotion:

optimization site for the search engine keyword search in the relevant position.

6) landing the major search engines:

login search engine, is a sign of website released, currently in the major search engines to domestic operations, including Google, Baidu, Sina, search, search, Sogou, soso, YAHOO, MSN and so on, one does not fall.

7) landing site directory system:

There are two main types of

web directory system in China: one is the web site; the other is the major web portal