Fool style over the flow of soft writing method (1)

in the hard advertising over the Internet age, want to reduce costs, improve conversion, soft Wen is an essential tool, so, how can you write a boutique soft Wen?

to share the following five steps, as the soft template filling content can be!


a, incentives

for Wuyuwuqiu people, any marketing are pale, but in this world, in addition to the dead, everyone has the desire, will pursue, and we need to do is to take advantage of this, the first point to marketing.

we need to find ways to attract the attention of the other party, concentrating on his demand, enlarge his pain points, such as:

you can bear……

don’t you want to……

you really give up……

normally, a person’s strength for the pursuit of benefits is less than the downside of the escape force, and all want to attract his attention, you need to have a pain point, or that is the incentive.


two, program

users do not buy the product, but the solution to the problem, for example:

buy acne products, for acne treatment on the face;

buy hair products, in order to solve their own hair problems;

to buy mobile phones and other mobile communications equipment, is to solve the call problem;

buy group service, is to improve their knowledge reserves;

so, we in the soft, to the user as the core, around the user, writing our program can generate value for the user.


three, according to

every puff, want to let users understand that you are not overly boasting about your product, you need to let users believe that your products really have the effect, so the question is, how to let users believe that you


provides several strategies:

there is a map with the truth

video demo

effect on the table

sales to clear

four, action

many people will stay in the "consider" level, this is a very common problem, Huo always suggests that the validity of Taobao passenger link up to 15 days, in fact, generally do not reach, because the current Taobao passenger market is too crowded, basically your traffic will be within 3 days by the other traffic hijacking platform.

for example, you have a brand promotion praise is OK, then the user to search the brand, then the following >