Woman breast cheats how to squeeze career line _39 health network _ women

breast cheats 10, right to the lower left chest movement, next will be at the top of the chest right hand moving upwards, then reverse direction to do the same, around the turn to draw 8 font the way back and forth to do 10 times.

breast cheats 1, to walk, to keep the back straight, abdomen, and the lifting arm, will focus on the upper part of the body.

a woman’s cleavage could be considered "career line" means it has certain importance, fullness in the chest is a woman’s capital, although the breast is a kind of beauty, but now with the increase of breast of the crowd, still need to remind the majority of women in the choice of breast enhancement methods, the method must choose health and safety the. If we can achieve the effect of breast in diet and exercise, in fact, try it anyway.

breast cheats 8, elected under the ramp – hands give 5 pounds each dumbbell, pay attention to push when you exhale, elbow remained slightly curved, to maintain a maximum of about 1 second; down when the elbow to maintain a 90 degree angle, can do it about 12 times.

cheats breast 9, chest elected – to arm triceps force, beginners should give dumbbell about 10 pounds, and pay attention to the back muscles to lock.

breast cheats 2, sit down, to the chest rise, back straight, not bent, a pair of lethargy like

breast cheats 4, dumbbell exercise, can make the chest muscles, persevere can effectively achieve the efficacy of chest.

breast cheats 7, the other hand press on his knees to support the body, the dumbbell to the chest, then down, left and right hand turns 10 times.

cheats breast 6, strengthen the chest exercise, upper body forward, one holding a dumbbell.

breast cheats 5, chest, legs apart, hands clenched dumbbells, upper body forward and back and neck straight. The dumbbell, flattering to the chest, when the suction lift down, exhale.

breast cheats 3, rest, should be in lateral or supine position to sleep, not prone, so as not to squeeze his chest.

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