Hero sports completed the first round of 640 million yuan financing Focus Media lead cast $300 milli

Focus Media announced that its wholly owned subsidiary of the public to share a mutual entertainment with the hero signed the "Tianjin hero Sports Management Co., Ltd. capital increase agreement" and "supplemental agreement". Focus Media led by 300 million yuan to invest in mutual entertainment Heroes Heroes Tianjin sports. CITIC Guoan, Everbright print media, Yong Tong fund with a total investment of 340 million yuan. Since then, the first round of 640 million yuan to complete the sports hero financing.

HPL game scene

should book Ling said that the investment will be used to hold better landing events and better venues, continue to expand market share in the mobile gaming field sports hero.

at the same time Focus Media also explained in the announcement of the purpose of investing in sports heroes. The hero that sports as an important part of sports industry development strategy, will also be for the company and the company diversified, advertisers ahead of the layout of young 90, 00 after the game game player, game player gaming market.

as a listed company, the Focus Media is also in the announcement of investors suggests that the risk for the mainstream media and advertising business, the gaming industry because of its low for the population ages, has not yet been excavated is mainly on the direction, the overall profitability of the industry point is still uncertain.

hero sports hero born out of mutual Entertainment’s mobile gaming business. The sports hero owns the "war", "royal official game ball major combat" official race, HPL and many other heroes league tournament, according to official data provided by registered users has reached 400 million, more than 50 million daily active users, monthly active users reached 80 million.