With heterosexual love thinking to do micro business

students do not know, we have talked about love, in fact do derivative popular analogy with heterosexual love, or 365 days a year has 366 days in the advertising who listens to you, you are willing to estimate the point directly throw you into the black list. Do not go to the heart of micro business, others will think you are a machine, so that people will buy your product, let us look at how to catch the Goddess / God:


students, you say when you meet the opposite sex how to stand out from the crowd to do what? Here we talk about my personal opinion (love thinking with doing micro business association):

first step to attract

if you are a micro business, I believe that your WeChat circle of friends are showing the same pattern of dialogue screenshots, transfer screenshots, product effectiveness, TV advertising screenshots, group training screenshot…… Do you have the patience to read it all, you will use the thumb to point it, is not such a screenshot so that you have antibodies and direct slide it?

this is like a goddess to receive a lot of WeChat information, but how do you send her back, even if the back can not produce the desire to chat with you.

because of who Master thinking is the first step to attract and think about what can attract girls what factors, self-motivated, rich handsome, clean, neat, practical education, knowledge, background, humor, a sense of responsibility. So what is the circle of friends want to see the dynamic of it, work, life, travel, fun. These photos and text can build your character, the most critical point of micro marketing is emotional marketing.

second step close to

women’s thinking is in this moment and circle of friends is the same, with timeliness, and then look at the people on the very few. You talk to women about the future, it’s a commitment, and fewer people believe. Close to her and chat with her for the state + feel only talk about the present.

third step display value

this value is not the value of your products, but your own value, through your circle of friends. Value is very important, to have their own fans as a star to shape their own value, which should be done from the details. Divided into 6 time points as early as 7:30 12:10 PM 14:00 dinner 18:00 PM 19:30 PM 21:00 only after the night the last one for your hair products, and the product should not be too hard

fourth steps to remove obstacles

for the new micro industry contacts micro business providers, the establishment of the customer’s trust is the most need for their own

1: do not have their own product knowledge barriers, but also to master more professional marketing links.

2: fear of being rejected by customers, do not know how to communicate with customers, fear of not being accepted by the customer, in fact, we are asking how to do micro business, nothing more than to close with the customer