The title of soft Wen how May wish to look at a variety of slogans

so far, small early also wrote a lot about soft notes, if before are a large range of generalizations, so that we have to dig a little details, among other things, about how the title


if you are not so good writing can not write the text of your life, never mind, then from down to earth’s slogan look


a. Question type

you can stand at any angle to ask questions, and then answer their own, you can deepen the impression of others. It is often used in advertising.

For example: Colgate

: our goal is

? No cavities!

do public service, how do you profit not starve to death?

evaluation: like Colgate advertising, is actually a very short conversation, very straightforward ads, but to see the commercial people deeply remember it, like melatonin advertising, although short but catchy, of course, there is a focus on don’t forget, that is Shuabing increase impression sense, let a person! Even if you do not see the ads also know your product.

two. Specific

must tell your product? Not! As long as you have a good topic, of course not too deviated from your product, otherwise the reader can feel deviation is too large, it will bring a bad impression. In fact, the circle of friends, a lot of articles is like this, you pay attention to it?

example: after 90 girls’ gender concept

"90% of the Chinese people to see this article are turned!"

born in 1983, people come in to look at the

review: see these articles, although you know about, but do not know what the specific article wants to write, will give the reader a strong curiosity. But to be careful, many readers with curiosity and look down the original discovery is a soft, will understand, but there are also some extreme, but even so, you have reached the means of marketing.

three. Slogan type

have you seen the way to pull the banner on the wall? No words you have seen in the village? Have you ever seen on the wall of the classroom inspiring words? Can learn from them!, domineering mighty without integrity without limit, as long as you want to get out, then put it on


1 from ideal.

: Conscription: go to the army, to the place where the motherland needs.

Lining: leave it to yourself.

Ericsson: cause I will fight for you, I never give up!

comments: Ignite the hearts of the readers of the small flame, inspired his desire and self realization, whether it is to be a hero, to do their own, successful people are all inside