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employees then exposed Insider: buy site to allow businesses to attract consumers own brush

IT Times reporter Yang Xinjie

November 20th morning, group purchase site occurred in ShangHai Railway Station staff and the boss in the event of conflict, conflict of employees injured finger bleeding, neck and ear are scratched or scratch wound, after the police intervention. Behind this incident of physical conflict, refraction is to buy the industry downturn.

staged the whole martial arts finger was bitten by a


"why does the Suzhou Railway Station call me? You said all fix it?" the bitten lashou ShangHai Railway Station staff Zhang told reporters, on the morning of 20 more than 10 points, his boss, the ShangHai Railway Station chief Wang questioned him so. Zhang did not have time to reply, Wang let Zhang went to the conference room to dial 30 sales calls before 12.

"there’s something in my hand. I’m not on the phone." Xiao Zhang rejected the leadership requirements

"go out and talk." Wang then said.

Zhang recalled, at that time out of the process, both sides in abuse each other, Wang Zhang suddenly to the punch, but did not hit, Wang also played second times, from both sides of the fist after the conflict, Wang and Zhang suddenly bite fingers, until finally bleeding.

eyewitness to the "IT times" reporter confirmed that when two people played two times of conflict, are Wang Mouxian hands, then two people and was the mediator opened, Zhang’s arm is pulled vacant, then leading towards a bite to his fingers. "Let the king Zongsong Zhang mouth, Wang is not loose, small piece of a punch in the past, Wang this loose mouth." Witnesses said.

handle network provides internal staff at the time of the shooting video, the reporter with the picture and sound to take pictures of the learned that Wang was surrounded by Zhang and tried to mediate, but no concessions to shout: "thirty people tell me twenty people do not know, what are you doing?" Wang let the mediator "don’t stop he, final conflict.

reporter later saw Zhang, neck and ears have obvious scratch marks, the right hand has been gauze, gauze with red blood.

after the incident, Zhang immediately alarm. On the morning of 11, the police arrived at the scene, the police let the human resources department staff Zhang accompanied to the hospital inspection. In the Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, Doctor Zhang tetanus and cleaned the wound on the finger, and two stitches. The hospital inspection results for minor injuries, including artificial tear bite 1 cm, head and neck scratch scratch.

in Nanjing Road police station, Wang and Zhang recorded a statement. Zhang said, Wang said in a statement, he called Zhang very kindly go talk, and not hit Zhang, but Zhang hit himself, Zhang finger wound is Zhang reached into his mouth in the. The policeman asked him, "why don’t you put your finger in your mouth?".

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