Survey broke the buy site services four hidden trouble to buy easy to develop tickets


currently buy the average price of the site to play the majority of around seventy percent off, so attracted many consumers.

now buy all kinds of websites to make the average discount of about seventy percent off, a huge price diving space to attract many consumers to join them, but after the money was found to buy the service is not satisfactory. Yesterday, group purchase site navigation mission 800 after the main domestic group purchase site investigation and collection of user feedback, summed up a few mistakes consumers easy to neglect, one of the most vexing is the "triangle debt invoice".

consumer Liu recently went through the business on the issue of the invoice back and forth". He took part in a Thai food in a group purchase website on the consumer groups, price of nearly 200 yuan package only 80 yuan, but after dinner merchants refused to invoice, and said "cost is the group purchase website received, the website should be invoiced". And when he looked for the site, the site let him and business communication.

, an industry source told reporters explained that the current operation of the web site group purchase process is money first, after the implementation of the consumer behavior in the consumer to go to business collective checkout, but also because of the discount rate, businesses generally no longer willing to bear the "invoice" into the ", this becomes ious or to the".

In addition to

invoice, "consumer misunderstanding of ultra cheap berserk is also very easy to exist. There have been buy site organization negative 1 yuan to buy expensive electronic products, that is, consumers only buy, not only do not pay, but also get a $1 site virtual currency". Of course, the "negative 1 yuan" is not a solicitation of consumers group purchase, but the means of electronic goods in panic buying often are scarce, and a large number of awarded 1 yuan gold experience "consumers to use out of the 1 yuan, will have to attend the next group purchase activities.

in addition, consumers are mentioned more and the number of group purchase and return "false" problem, these are also behind the huge discount is easy to ignore the worries of group purchase. According to the "800 group" website of the group purchase information capture data, "the number of group purchase many sites often appear inexplicable surge, change the data great suspicion, but consumers are uninformed, thought this is the popular hot consumption. In addition to return, according to consumer feedback, a lot of group purchase website is not refused to return, but require consumers to pay the two-way postage, and once encountered fake, no complaints of consumers most can only help each other in self forum.

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buy food and beverage, the most popular

according to the "group of 800" website of the mainstream group purchase website do the statistics, at present, group purchase products can be divided into five categories, according to the number of total activities launched, "food delicacy" the most popular, is live entertainment, online shopping products, beauty and special events next popular.


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