As open as Taobao shop is simple Ali cloud released 50 industry solutions

share in the morning held on Yunxi Ali cloud conference, Ali cloud released more than and 50 industry solutions, involving business, manufacturing, financial, government, healthcare, video, games, multimedia and other applications, including networking, O2O, P2P etc. a new application direction.

Ali cloud said, just like Taobao shop, you do not need a line of code, just choose the right shop decoration style and merchandise display mode, you can quickly complete the shop to build. This kind of Taobao model subdivision solutions can help entrepreneurs to reduce the pre IT infrastructure on the time and cost of investment, focus on business innovation itself.

it is understood that these solutions are mainly provided by more than 200 large partners. The next three years, Ali cloud plan joint 2000 partners based on the ecological construction of cloud computing services.

"Internet plus should be so understanding: we do, partners do". Do not have the Almighty, together to do the best. For example, Accenture for customers quickly build a service, using Ali cloud accurate lock brands, play their best. Currently Ali cloud has nearly 300 partners, the more than and 50 solutions, 3-5 will expand to thousands of." Ali cloud business general manager Liu Song said at the meeting.

, such as palm sugar medicine, orange family, such as wearable wearable health device manufacturers, through the acquisition and analysis of the device data Ali cloud, to protect the safety of mass data storage and depth analysis. The solution for security video surveillance industry, will help Hikvision expand the fluorite cloud business, has the ability to provide fast video data upload, storage, transcoding and playback capability, to provide the best viewing experience. Many people in real time competitive game solutions, as the "national gunfight" this type of game developers to provide high concurrency, high throughput, low latency network environment, and stable server processing capabilities.

is expected by the end of 2015, the breakdown of industry solutions will cover online education, security monitoring, video broadcast, online game, card games, board games, car networking, smart appliances, new energy, hotel business, retail, Wi-Fi, online consultation inquiry, health wearable devices, online drug sales more than and 30 a field that covers all aspects of people’s lives.

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