LineKong founder Wang Feng big brother didn’t have a chance to run

is now doing the Internet to help the boss is not old, grassroots is not easy to come up with each of the small companies have to break the wrist with a large company.

oral / LineKong founder and CEO Wang Feng


/ reporter Liu Hengtao

the dark horse contest what impressed me most is the small shrimp net, it caught a direction of segments of the mobile internet music, from the content to the user community are running in the front, although they may not be such a big scale.

a company called good, is the founder of a good sense of the market, because innovation, entrepreneurship is actually two or three years earlier than anyone else thought. Everyone is optimistic about when you go in, you have no chance. Small shrimp net music sharing, Tencent doing, Sina also tried micro-blog, in the direction of a large he went on.

video, music, text, pictures are important to share the direction of the mobile Internet, today no one to combine them. For example, the combination of music and pictures, video or text to do good editing, there are opportunities, small shrimp nets have the opportunity to more quickly in the new platform reserve users, and this market is large enough. Their attempts at music are worthy of our expectations.

also has a company that makes mobile games, but to be honest, I think they’re doing a bit early. Four or five the company has a lot of years ago, but to be honest, they are on the WAP platform to do now, with the year of mobile phone mobile phone be quite different, fully integrated into the intelligent mobile phone Web Internet platform to realize the migration of him, regardless of application or game, all the things to reconstruct the past. But I very much agree with his idea of a mobile gaming platform.

in the field of mobile Internet, in recent years, the size of the company is almost good, especially the black horse can not see. Mainly in this area, a group of chiefs out of business, I have no chance, this is the biggest problem.

because now the Internet with mobile Internet is seamless, which help big eyes tightly, ready to enter; second, even the pure entrepreneurs are usually out of business executives, his background, money is very fast, very easy to be sought after. Obviously like a little bit, founder Xu Zhaojun was in the grand, everyone has done executives.

would like to have, around 2000, Ma Huateng, Ding Lei, when they come out to do the Internet, the boss who is it, he did not feel the Internet, so by the help of these college students toss. Now the boss help do the Internet is not old, look as clear as noonday. Grassroots come out is not easy, every small companies have to come up with a big company to break the wrist.

of course, it is difficult to seize the opportunity in this field, once there is also very fierce, such enterprises in the development of time, we have not noticed, and so there will be a particularly large outbreak of development.

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