Knight list of well-known sites and reasons is currently unable to access

1, Blackhawk base station hacker Black Hawk site

Last year

Blackhawk base for Li Qiang (rice) were caught, for profit, to recruit students in the public network, computer hacker technology to teach students. Dong Zhenjie, director of the Henan Institute of celebrity lawyers believe that the spread of the professor’s hacking techniques, illegal "criminal law" and "Internet information services management approach", is an illegal act. He said, according to the seriousness of the case, the person involved in administrative penalties until the pursuit of their criminal responsibility.

2, IT website

famous IT industry website appeared open state, the cause is unknown, it is understood that Techweb is a website of domestic IT comments ", IT is the industry of a group of characters of high quality, but in Techweb’s comments can see most people with hair standing on end comments. But today, has been unable to open, we view the domain name WHOIS information, the status of clientHold, the original, the domain name has been clinethold, the specific reason is still unknown HOLD.

TechWeb article shows that due to the original domain name resolution was stopped, some users have access to the fault, the specific reasons for the unknown, the company is in contact with the solution."

TechWeb also said that the temporary use of access to the TechWeb site, the original domain access recovery time will be notified."

3, and other BT station

BTChina founder Huang Xiwei, on the site with foreign IP issued a notice saying: "BTchina broadcasting notice, because there is no audio-visual license, so the Ministry to delete the record number off station, about my safety problems, proving once again that the online rumors can not be trusted……" Huang Xiwei said that the page will soon close.

in September 21st this year, SARFT issued a notice, any unit and individual operating video website, must apply for this card. Because the BTChina provides BT video resources, can not prove that the film from the regular channel partners, it can not apply for this license.

3, Wang Xing – rice no nets

since Fanfou 09 years on eight July closed, some of the other similar Fanfou website shut down, and Fanfou now has not been open, the reason for the close Fanfou network, Fanfou founder Wang Xing, said: in fact, this is not convenient to disclose, the reason is "harmony", forget it, or not to say, in fact it is not, you own me, but I in Fanfou’s, goodbye my not rice, Fanfou.

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