2008 China Agricultural Website selection activities launched the top 100

30 years ago, Chinese reform industry from rural development; 30 years later, the party in the third Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee to further clarify the rural reform and development in the new starting point on the target. The reform has not ended, the development of world without end, promote rural reform and development of agricultural information industry in the new situation, innovation thinking, innovation mode, complete its growth across, to promote rural reform and development.

by China E-Commerce Association, China Internet association, the Ministry of Agriculture Information Center jointly organized agricultural fair network and Internet association China Rural Information Service Committee jointly hosted by "the new situation? New thinking? The new model" as the theme of "2008 China agricultural information annual summit" will be held on December 2008 20-21 held in Beijing. By then, government officials, experts in agricultural information, agricultural website, telecom operators, investment companies and other industry elite gathered more than 500 people, and seek common development. At the same summit will be announced "2008 Chinese agricultural web site" and "2008 Chinese rural informatization contribution unit", "2008 China agricultural information ten person of the year", "2008 Chinese agricultural information the best solution" and a number of agricultural informatization annual award.

2008 China Agricultural Website of the top 100 selection activities were officially launched in October 20, 2008, hope friends from all walks of life to pay close attention to!

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