Google push smart phone version of AdSense to expand mobile advertising business

Beijing on October 6th news, according to foreign media reports, Google today launched a smart phone for AdSense features, hoping to sell more mobile advertising.

Google said, Web publishers in the design of AdSense advertising can consider the use of smart phone browser, so that advertising can be displayed on the smart phone.


, advertisers have been able to put the common mobile phone browser can normally display advertising; for intelligent mobile phone using Google’s new AdSense function, advertisers can put only iPhone, Palm Pre and Android mobile phone browser to show the normal processing ability to demand higher advertising.

Google said, "because of the intelligent mobile phone provides similar to PC browsing experience, so AdSense to enter the smart mobile phone’. As with existing AdSense services, we want to make sure that the ads are intuitive, effective and user friendly."

in the next few years, Google is facing a problem, whether it can be based on PC search and search advertising field extends to the phone. Google said that this year, smartphone sales will grow 27% to 177 million. As more people access the Internet via mobile phones, advertisers and Google will find new business opportunities.

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