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on human growth, endocrine activity, immune function, The new supersedes the old. neural structure, plays an important role, so it has a good name of "trace elements warehouse". Women often eat beans, can greatly improve the development of the breast, so plump and sexy.

2, eat beans

if the young women’s breast development is not ideal, can eat some high energy food, such as eggs, meat, peanut, walnut, beans and vegetable oils rich in food, through the accumulation of fat, lean body will plump up breast will become straight and elastic. If the elderly women, breast sagging, and wrinkled, dry, want to make as much as possible breast fitness, attention should be focused on vitamin E and vitamin C intake.


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breast size and body fat basically is appropriate. The body is rich in the accumulation of fat in the breast, so it looks bigger, on the contrary, the body thin people, fat accumulation in the breast is also relatively less, so the smaller breasts. To increase the amount of fat, in normal fat intake, to increase the intake of vegetable fat, because the main source of plant fat is vegetable oil, containing essential fatty acids.

, protein, linolenic acid, B vitamins are essential components of synthetic estrogen, should eat more.

in the liver, beef and other carnivorous containing vitamin E, vitamin B and beneficial hormone synthesis and secretion of substances more hormones play an important role in the development and maintenance of its fullness and elasticity of the breast. And the cellulose rich vegetables and fresh fruit, affect the gastric emptying, intestinal absorption rate and food through the digestive tract time, this is the guarantee of a healthy life. Reasonable diet collocation can make women not in the fullness of the chest at the same time, lost a slender figure.

3, meat collocation

TIPS: recommended daily nutrient intake

1, to ensure the plant fat intake

would like to have a perfect chest of women, can choose to promote or participate in estrogen production and secretion of substances. Vitamin E is an important regulator of estrogen secretion.

A variety of trace elements contained in soybean

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