China YAHOO restart network real name service

NetEase Francisco August 10th message, according to sources, YAHOO will China recently will restart 3721 network service had to give up, but the new service is no longer called "3721" but was renamed "Chinese Internet 2007", but still allow users to install plug-ins to achieve the address bar search function.

is currently the Chinese Internet 2007 service website has been opened, from the domain name registration information on the website of Alibaba. Chinese Internet 2007 plug-ins are already available for download, download the plug-in technology from NetEase, intellectual property unit of the plugin author information and the license agreement are fa software Beijing Co. Ltd., the 3721 companies and the company was originally founded Honghui week, after YAHOO’s acquisition of Chinese was followed by the acquisition of Alibaba.

3721 Chinese real name has been named the first Chinese rogue software, because of the mandatory installation of plug-in is very difficult to uninstall, so in most of the netizens form an extremely negative image, and thus came to give up Chinese YAHOO network real name service. Ma Yun in September last year, told the media that it will no longer develop 3721 network real name business.

soon thereafter, the 3721 site will be revised for the Chinese Internet site, the original version of the plugin from the user’s browser also disappeared, replaced by the YAHOO assistant tool bar. But the change has not been recognized by users, YAHOO assistant is also the majority of users are still considered rogue software". In the last year, when the anti malware alliance v. YAHOO China was rejected, a survey of NetEase technology shows that up to 94.6% of users believe that YAHOO assistant is rogue software".

China YAHOO has not yet disclosed on the "Chinese Internet 2007" information, in China’s YAHOO site did not find links to the site. But from the software function look almost identical with the original 3721, this is the Chinese YAHOO second change in the address bar search, can restore the lost market for YAHOO Chinese, perhaps eventually will also receive depends on the internet.

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