Webmaster network daily broadcast Video price war is difficult to end Taobao push map service

webmaster network daily broadcast: video industry price war is difficult to end Taobao push map service

1, the TV drama copyright price "diving" video industry price war can hardly be over

video site in the middle of this year began to release the copyright price diving signal may be only partial truth, claiming that the video industry copyright price war, the end of the whole may be too early.

film and television drama copyright prices fell 2/3, before a drama of each / every episode, now the highest of 500 thousand, the copyright war in the video industry has no outbreak of the possibility of once again"…… Beginning in the middle of this year, a significant decline in the price of film and TV drama copyright is the video site CXO who talk about this topic when the unified tone. A variety of exciting industry signals, but it may be only partial truth. In the industry view, the scarcity of high-quality film and television drama, the industry is not enough to focus on the relationship between the pattern of market competition and the relationship, so that the copyright price of the video industry, the dispute, said the end of the whole is somewhat arbitrary.

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TV drama copyright price "diving" video industry price war is hardly the end of

2, the electricity supplier giant and then force Taobao launched map service

since yesterday taobao.com has started a new home after the revision of the internal low-key test, most likely in the end of the month officially switched on-line. Look at the Taobao home after the revision from the part of the business, and the new Taobao master pattern as previously described by the state power grid. Its product classification and navigation bar re integration, shorten the layout, visual clarity. It is worth noting that Taobao homepage consciously enhance the importance of life services, and shopping, social networking is one of three major categories of navigation.

current map service is limited to Taobao’s local life Web and mobile version, Taobao travel and parity application, a shopping". Users can also directly through a web browser to access Taobao maps; after testing, found that the mobile browser experience just a little better than a desktop browser.

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taobao.com officially revised figure out or the end of the month to complete the switch

3, Tmall announced 11.11 price rules inflated price points out

Tmall today officially announced this year 11.11 shopping Carnival price rules, a clear definition of the benchmark price of merchandise discount, all in 11.11 shopping Carnival goods do really break Ming buckle, with real offers good service to consumers.

Tmall stressed that once found the merchant inflated price and then discount the situation, not only will clear the 11.11 shopping Carnival festival will be the official, point penalty to businesses.

Wang Yulei, vice president of Tmall

said, Tmall will stick with the most real concessions to consumers, the preparatory period will communicate with the merchant, the strict examination and declaration of goods >

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