Lok gateway station 16 days insider secret Online began recording

violation video is recorded through my music network to publish this product

I music network is to maintain all the video data, and the system for large-scale upgrades. Due to the huge amount of data, take some time, please forgive the majority of users."

this is the video sharing site I music network home bulletin. From June 4th off the station, to the June 9th release of late announcement, users and visitors for 12 consecutive days to see this is not marked the date of resumption of the announcement. According to the current information, users may have to wait.


as of 7:50 am on June 20th, I still show the music network home Upgrade Notice

this is the second encounter off the station, a large video sharing site. March 14th years ago, another video sharing site Tudou also closed 3 days. March 20th, SARFT issued the Internet audio-visual program services spot checks, said the potato network and other 32 sites because of weak supervision by the content of punishment.

this raises the industry for my music gateway station reason for speculation. A source said that I did not receive the punishment of the music network notice. I music network CEO Zhou Juan said in an interview with Sohu IT said only because of technical upgrades off the station.

June 20th, Sohu IT from my music network internal staff confirmed that the cause of my music gateway station is actually the company’s fist product – online video recording. When I was talking about the foreign propaganda network, said he was the first to launch a domestic support for online recording and uploading video clips service website.

"this is a mistake. Some of the company’s products are not audited." An internal staff told Sohu IT, and some of the products he refers to is the user through the online recording to upload to the site.

this is a hidden danger for content regulation. Video industry Web site has been circulating such a statement, competitors compete to upload video to each other in violation of the provisions, in order to achieve improper purposes. This is sufficient to illustrate the importance of content monitoring on video sites.

online recording is convenient for users to publish some of their daily behavior online." A video practitioners said, users only need to install the camera and microphone, you can put in front of the camera ‘any behavior’ to the video site."

editor in chief Zhou Hui in April this year, after leaving the contents of lax regulatory aspects." Sources said, illegal video is recorded through my music network to publish this product."

the staff revealed that the video recorded by the online recording of the video has not been verified that has not been officially confirmed.

"basically dead, unless they have unlimited capital."

"there’s no feeling at all now,"

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