From the view of the development of the nternet disputes among sects tomorrow

      reset ALEXA data, let Zhang Zhaoyang mood just fell to the ice Valley, just like the original Sohu announced a high-profile flow over Sina, a variety of public opinion is Pumianerlai, had been accustomed to think Zhang Zhaoyang also forced to swear by the name of Chairman Mao; disputes among sects is just a the beginning of it, and many of the so-called Internet veteran, all come from the Sohu, the flow of cheating has been said to ALEXA ranking credibility, finally to the Olympic Games for the station to let people really do not have to admire the spread of the Internet and spread speed.

    the Internet has never been a lonely, Chinese most love to do is stick together, chatting and the openness of the Internet, more make this habit increasingly enlarged, once the industry point out a trivial thing, all kinds of comments immediately follow up, Chinese is one of the most innovative country, but it is a pity that a traditional virtue is not well reflected onto the Internet, the Internet now is filled with false, exaggerated the whole Chinese; since ancient times there is no Western freedom of speech, the blog can spread in a short time in the country, it is also meet people the longing for freedom of speech, but the Internet has once been considered to have high credibility of some traditional media, but disappointing is that in recent years the false speculation Make the credibility of the Internet greatly reduced.

      Internet in the development period, and has several traditional industries collide, it is precisely because of this conflict several times, we can see more clearly, the Internet can not get rid of traditional industries and traditional industries, only the combination of development, is the king of the road; Chinese is manufacturing power famous, with the increasing market competition, the traditional industry entrepreneurs are increasingly aware of, only to work, in order to succeed; while the Internet is on the contrary, as competition intensifies, our employees did not sink in the heart to get down to work, but is more and more impetuous mentality more serious.

      ALEXA is currently the most authoritative ranking, but for this ranking, we will try to make a fuss of the many webmaster, all kinds of cheating is for the user experience, emerge in an endless stream, and service it out, so the garbage flows more and more gold online advertising is more and more low. Many people are complaining that Chinese Internet environment is not good, but we have to think of the environment and who is responsible? With the passage of time, the Internet is about to face a more brutal test, in this era of hype, it is time to reflect on their own.

      many foreign photo sharing sites, once let web albums in the domestic industry was stir up, but after two years of turmoil.

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