Android giant frustrated China in the second half of the mobile phone market who can lead


after the surrender of a poor fourth quarter 2014 earnings, all external eyes are waiting for the start of 2015, how Samsung will reverse the 5 consecutive quarter of decline. Perhaps the market is expected to be insufficient, perhaps the rebound effect temporarily failed to appear, Samsung Electronics is expected to give the two quarter earnings report is still not optimistic.

was a smash hit in the international market of mobile phone giant Android appears to be losing to China market control ability, is not only the Samsung, HTC, LG, SONY mobile, in the first half of this year Chinese mobile phone market competition, the "collective frustration" may be the most appropriate to describe Android International brand market China market performance of vocabulary.


market competition is too fierce, many consumers experience in the past is not particularly satisfied, this is also leading to a lot of people turned to apple, and Chinese market change the operation mode of the mobile phone may make these giants somewhat some The climate does not suit one." IDC research director Wang Jiping China on the "First Financial Daily" said that the second half of the Android mobile phone market will enter a stalemate, whether the breakthrough depends on innovation and operation mode on the ahead in the competition.

disappointed transcripts

went to the mobile phone manufacturers semi annual report intensive release period, some people worry about joy.

Seoul time on July 7th, Samsung Electronics (005930.KS) said that when the quarter operating profit less than expected 4~6 month, estimated operating profit fell 4% from a year earlier, to 6 trillion and 900 billion won ($6 billion 130 million), lower than the previous Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S access 39 analysts expected an average of 7 trillion and 200 billion won. The company said revenue may decline to 48 trillion won, compared with the same period last year fell by 8.4%.

analysts have lowered the Samsung mobile phone sector expected two quarter profit, the reason is the Samsung S6 Galaxy mobile phone standard flagship product demand was weaker than expected, while Galaxy S6 Edge has a curved screen while the demand exceeded expectations, but because the production is difficult to keep up with demand supply.

also fell as well as HTC, due to the decline in sales of smart phones, as well as the loss of production lines idle, HTC second quarter loss again. July 6th report unaudited second quarter earnings, net loss of NT $8 billion 30 million (about RMB 1 billion 610 million).


did not disclose the specific performance of the region, but from a variety of analysis data, the poor performance of the Chinese market has become one of the reasons for the performance of international Android manufacturers are not ideal.

"change the operation mode of the international brand may make some The climate does not suit one." Wang Jiping told reporters that the trend of China’s mobile Internet, mobile phone manufacturers operating mode has undergone a variety of changes, from two years ago by the electricity supplier

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