Sohu micro-blog broke Tencent $100 thousand to buy

September 26th news, according to Sohu TerryTsui micro-blog ( broke the news, Tencent has bought an independent domain name Insiders said that the independent domain name is used to promote the official launch of the SNS product yesterday, friends community".


subsequently, another Sohu to Sohu IT revealed that the domain name has been held by a South Korean, Tencent in June this year, about 100 thousand dollars from their hands, spent $.

Sohu IT followed by domain name information inquiry was informed that is indeed Tencent holdings. However, there is still no access.


Tencent yesterday formally launched the SNS product friends community, the current use of domain name, and began a large-scale external test invitation. "Friends Community" into "campus life" and "work life" version of the two versions, the "campus life version" is specially designed for students after the "QQ alumni", launched the "work live version" means that the Tencent will expand to the target population office.

analysts said that Tencent to buy the domain name, intended to promote the community of friends.

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