DC collapse of the industry to reproduce ten years of video vision sudden death

recently " Shanghai network live the impact of the incident has not stopped, but also the news of the collapse of the company in Beijing IDC. Today, a netizen broke the news to the Chinese IDC circle said Beijing Vision Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the video vision) suddenly closed down, has stopped all services, the boss did not know.

current video vision of the victim has been unable to contact the person in charge of the company and employees, the company’s website has been closed. After the incident, the victim quickly composed activist QQ group (activist QQ group: 73257597), and complaints to China IDC circle. One victim said: "our company in the server hosting Beijing Television Communication Technology Development Co. Ltd is not expired on the termination of the service, now can not contact the person in charge and any employee of the company, the company has estimated collapse, the boss has run away. We have organized rights QQ group, and report to the relevant agencies."

video to have a vision of normal IDC ISP documents, according to its website the company was founded in 1998, a number of media cooperation with the United States ISP SEMPHORE, Seattle’s largest business at home and abroad to participate in the information industry service organization established in Beijing, as one of the pioneers of the Internet service provider ISP. Mainly from the domain name registration, virtual hosting space rental, website planning, website maintenance and other services. Why the sudden death of a ten year operation of IDC companies is really puzzling.

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