Tone is very high central network letter leading group meeting on the industry what impact


a big event happened in the afternoon of February 27th. Xi Jinping hosted the first meeting of the central network security and Informatization Leading Group, CCTV night broadcast of the conference content, faster suddenness. Not only fast, but the tone is very high, I noticed that the conference content broadcast on CCTV news broadcast, 5 minute 27 seconds, reports highlight a theme, "the overall layout to co-ordinate the innovation and development efforts to build China into a powerful network".

from today on, we embarked on a network of powerful road ah. With countless regrets and curiosity, especially to the people of the ministry asked about, originally, this group as early as January 2014 brewing up the meeting to catch a high-profile release in NPC and CPPCC before it is officially unveiled to the public.

deep throat revealed that the construction of China’s information security in the team under the leadership of the end of the network governance in our country the Kowloon flood situation, at the same time, the long-awaited national information security strategy document has been drafted, will be released.

national consciousness on the Internet revived. Xi Jinping pointed out that there is no network security is no national security, there is no lack of information modernization. How do you do? There are 5 key words: technology, culture, economy, talent and cooperation. Xi Jinping said that the construction of the network power, have their own technology, excellent technology; have a rich and comprehensive information services, cultural prosperity and development of the network; have a good information infrastructure, the formation of strong information economy; to have high-quality network security and information technology personnel; to actively carry out bilateral and multilateral cooperation in international Internet exchanges.


leadership team will produce what to you my life China the impact of the Internet? I think, "according to Xi Jinping chaired the central network security and information technology leadership team meeting" this information, from four aspects to discuss. These four aspects are: Xi Jinping, the central leading group, network security and information technology and conference content.

first, Xi Jinping. I think it is the network of young people in the world, the strategy is the strengths of the elderly, relying solely on one side to engage in network strategy, are not ideal, the best choice is the combination of two parties. In view of the lack of the central decision-making network technology background, from the perspective of learning, as a leader, will attach great importance to the cultivation of talent echelon, to make up their own short board. As the meeting pointed out that the construction of the network power, to bring together human resources, the construction of a strong political, business, fine style, a strong team. "Got a hard to find, countries are expected to cultivate world-class scientists, network science and technology leading talent, outstanding engineers and high-level innovation team. The realization of this goal, in addition to China’s scientific research and educational institutions, obviously depends on the government to strengthen cooperation with enterprises and civil technology elite. In other words, more IT companies and network companies and their bosses, will be involved in high-level decision support.

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