WeChat announced the ban two yuan option category promotion information permanent ban!

WeChat announced ban two yuan option class promotion information: permanent ban!

with the recent A-share market is active again, two yuan options, the wind again, many of the public accounts are also published in WeChat A.

$two option belongs to the "simplified financial tools", only consider the underlying asset price movements (bullish or bearish), income and risk is fixed in advance, not only by income and the price of the underlying asset determines whether a predetermined condition is met.

simply, investors can choose the platform on the stock, index, foreign exchange, commodity futures options, only to determine the direction of change can be traded, do not need to consider the magnitude of change.

today announced that the WeChat public platform, will resolutely crack down on the "two yuan option" related laws and regulations and the promotion of information unlicensed behavior.

WeChat public platform pointed out that the recent discovery of WeChat public accounts released publicity, recommend, induce others to engage in the two yuan option transaction information and engage in the "$two option" business behavior. In accordance with the "WeChat public platform service agreement" and "WeChat public platform operating norms", WeChat public platform will be released on the "two option" and other illegal, illegal promotion of information processing and the public number, including but not limited to the securities and futures business without obtaining a license or statutory licence issued and spread the relevant business activities the information related to clean up, do a permanent ban processing account.

for the "two option", the Commission has issued China risk warning, "two option" and China SFC regulatory options and financial derivatives are essentially trading behavior similar to gambling, and the local public security organs for the crime of fraud on the $two option network platform for investigation.

violation example:

1, the title of the article, the picture or the contents of the alleged release of two yuan options information.


2, account name, avatar, function description, custom menu allegedly issued two yuan options information.


attached to the Commission on the two yuan option risk warning network platform

Q: Recently, I saw a lot of website publicity, foreign exchange, stock and other two yuan options trading, the operation is simple and easy to make a lot of money, I can ask you to participate in the


A: according to China’s "futures trading management regulations" provisions, the option contract refers to the futures exchange unified provisions, the buyer shall have the right to a certain time in the future at a specified price to buy or sell prescribe the standard.

in simple terms, is a stock option and futures varieties such as the price of the underlying, trading in futures trading venues, financial products, in the transaction process to complete the transfer of both rights, with Service > to avoid price risk,