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hot feet: hot foot bath can accelerate blood circulation, improve the nutrient accumulation in the chest.

in the week before our menstrual period, we began to change the body’s estrogen, the body is also accumulated nutrients for the menstrual period. At this time to eat protein rich foods can be added to the body nutrition, but also to strengthen the supply of nutrients in the chest.

3 day period

after a week before

at this time to eat carrots, potatoes, soybeans and nuts food, breast effect will be better than usual 3 into more than.

massage method 3: under the position of the clavicle to the breast as a starting point, both hands from the direction of the same side of the breast in order to press, press to the end of the milk root point. Press 8 times continuously.

massage method 2: the right hand affixed to the left chest inside her cleavage, and then from right to left and push the left breast until his left arm. Then according to the original road from the armpit and push the return to the cleavage. Repeat 3 times.

(menstruation how breast enhancement effect is good? Identify three periods)

pursuit of fullness of the chest is not wrong, but the female friends must use the method, do not harm their health in order to external beauty.

menstrual breast can not blindly remember three time period

eat nuts: nuts in unsaturated fatty acids is also an ideal nutrient to promote the development of the chest, and at this time do not have to worry about eating nuts.

our breasts are made up of muscles and glands, which are affected by hormones. Many woman have premenstrual breast pain experience, this is because the period of estrogen secretion increased, resulting in my breast,. And after the end of the hormones will be reduced, the breast will slowly return to its original state.

massage method 1: with the nipple as the center, began to circle, from outer to inner.

at the end of menstruation

this time is the best time to consolidate the effect of breast enhancement, in addition to doing some chest exercises, but also can eat some breast food, such as yogurt, papaya, soy milk, etc.. In addition, can also be equipped with chest massage, breast enhancement effect is better.

the relationship between menstruation and breast

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women want to have the perfect fullness of the chest, so as to show the charming S curve. But how breast enhancement? This problem is a big problem for a woman. In fact, as long as the breast to find a good period of time can be twice the result with half the effort.

American medical experts said that the first 1-3 days of menstrual breast is the best time, because these 3 days affect the chest fullness of ovarian estrogen secretion amount for 24 hours, can stimulate the breast fat accumulation, so as to enhance the chest fullness.

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