Google Wizard makers by means of leading MLM scam

Beijing April 2nd news (reporter Chen Jian) "" Google wizard 2009 ", click every day for 3 hours, minimum daily income 200 yuan!" the netizen recently reflected, are people under the guise of Internet advertising click Google software can make money, cheat users money. Reporters learned from Google (Google) China company, the company has never opened such a business.

, a laid-off worker revealed his experience on the Internet these days around, suddenly a friend from QQ sent me a message saying "Google wizard 2009" click every day for 3 hours, guaranteed daily income 200 yuan! Promotional materials mentioned, "Google Wizard" is the 163 Wangzhuan elite team after half a year developed a set of Google ad Click software to make money. I’m tempted, foolishly borrowed $190 to buy the software, think of the whole family now at least can earn a living, full of excitement. The result? Hard to click six hours, hit sixty dollars, every time I can brush a penny. I don’t understand, they write the propaganda per hour earn advertising fees of RMB 50 yuan, after up to 70 yuan, every day can earn more than one hundred yuan, what is this? A point to point, one day can earn the money? So I have to ask the customer service (QQ No. 800035510). He said, the lower user is not recommended, after a period of time a single click on the advertisement income amount will be limited, each recommend a formal membership join can release part of the advertising limit to the amount recommended with five lower level users can become an official user, and if the five lower level users have their development five a formal user, you can upgrade to a senior member, you will limit the amount of advertising to permanently lift.

"look! This is the true face of the software, let you foolishly took the money, let you taste to the sweetness, limit you immediately, call you to develop a new line, what is the difference with this MLM? Anyway you can not line, you still don’t move there lying. You want to use this software to make money, OK, go to the other people to join the membership of it!

the Internet users to remind: do not be fooled, please tell the friends around, or QQ group, friends on the QQ, do not believe that the company, not to be deceived by the site. As soon as you join, you will find that you are deceived by them. Liar website home page address is Cheater QQ number is 800035510.

according to the clues provided by users, the reporter search found that while many people complained of a "Google Wizard" in the forum, the other side is the publicity this way can make money more posts, even Google Chinese website itself without shielding. Reporters learned from the Ministry of industry and information technology website filing management system that the site is Pei Lina registered personal website.