The fans are awesome! Double 11 micro-blog marketing big winner


11 during the micro-blog very lively.

many businesses to seize the opportunity to interact with the fans, so fans most willing to "cut the hand".

will play the business, will play the brand, of course, know how to play micro-blog:

according to Nelson’s research, this year Tmall double 11 period, food, Ichiban shop three squirrels, rice ye; digital household appliances HUAWEI, GREE, Lenovo, SUPOR and other businesses are likely to make micro-blog topic.

Meizu, in 11 during the double and network operators in the world to a user interaction, encourage forwarding network operators in the world figure media micro-blog breaking 100 million businesses incomplete list, send random Charm Blue metal. Previously, we all know that Meizu has a yellow chapter, so the product is very difficult to fight, so now Meizu do marketing, we know why Meizu in all of the 11 businesses in the sales of Tmall ranked fifth,


of course, we do not forget the performance of red shop network:

17:30 November 11th in the afternoon, net red Zhang Dayi on micro-blog said last night aunt was flooded more than 10 thousand private message for all down and Maomao, in fact, the aunt carefully prepared paragraph how only two, never hunger sales, e cup to the eyes, these are the lack of spoilers but aunt the availability of several…

at 20:20 on November 11th, net red Zhao Daxi put a video on micro-blog: this time a lot of new friends into the shop, welcome to join our big family. Haha, say hello to each other. This video is about a person who doesn’t shoot at all. I just want to give you a little more choices…

next, we look at the Nielsen (Nielsen_China) analysis, the original title was "[Buzz] micro-blog fan power ten, with

next year?"

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