Spartan 300 warriors by the police down, the logic behind the marketing problems

yesterday (July 22nd), you must be in micro-blog by a large group of foreign guy in the streets of Beijing light show to the scraper, said the scene slogan is "captured the capital". Later confirmed that this is a dessert shop marketing activities. Soon, the bare half body of the foreign handsome model are Chaoyang police wrestled the bridge, according to the Beijing police micro-blog account "safe Beijing" statement, and "Chaoyang people" report.

is reported that the Spartan warrior event is a celebration of the sweet rock Salad Dessert shop. From the picture information, mainly for hundreds of foreign male beefcake, wearing a costume drama "Spartacus" to take more clothes, dew point, screen feeling very strong stimulation of the retina. Although please are uniform men, but hundreds of people stand together, spectacular, will inevitably lead to passers-by turmoil, especially now with micro-blog, WeChat’s ability to spread, it is easy to cause the scraper and become a hot topic, which is probably the first consideration of business.


I just read "Spartacus" before the two season, there are a lot of romantic picture, according to SARFT may Chinese audit standards, is absolutely not let it open and aboveboard appear in front of the audience China. Coupled with the costumes and activities of the content, it is easy to make unnecessary associations. And is it really not so much for a sexy, sexy


must admit, still in the traditional China, so the size of the collective outdoor marketing activities, will inevitably cause more or less influence to the security and social atmosphere, so the first time the Beijing police intervened, and police say discourage invalid arrested in the case of the "innocent" man and arrested some eclectic picture, even some people laughing.

as the marketing of the manufacturers, the dessert shop this morning issued a "ten thousand sorry" statement, the statement is as follows:


about the statement, which are worth discussing, the so-called "brand promotion, healthy nutrition food concept and way of life, the concept of selection of Spartacus, invited the physique of the foreign model, is to give customers the health of the United States to touch and inspire." The reason for this seems to be too far fetched. The reasons are as follows:

one, deviate from the marketing object. Visually, eat to eat such a fit and muscular body is not possible, the rhetoric and marketing is more suitable for the gym and sports fitness, but the play did so by selling dessert is so dry, really do not know what to say.

two, marketing is not vulgar. Any stimulus to seek marketing should be adapted to local conditions, and has a strong correlation with the marketing of the main, in a controlled range of some not so vulgar marketing may be better. Otherwise, in addition to being at leisure outside the capital.

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