Elements of user experience in Web Development

read a book on the weekend, claiming: this book is the father of the classic AJAX.

Book Introduction: this book is a concise language to systematically explain the design, technology and business integration is the most important development trend. The book consists of 8 chapters, including the user experience and why it is so important to understand these elements, the strategic level, the scope of the layer, the structure layer, the framework layer, presentation layer and the application of elements. After reading, slightly disappointed, a large area of the six hundred written and extra icons, plus a mouthful of translation, I feel sorry for his propaganda and the price (of course, 25 yuan is not too expensive).

but there are some places where the harvest is a relatively smooth site planning process ideas.

made some summaries:

first step: strategy layer

for enterprise website, this is a process to answer the basic questions. What does the user get from the site and what the site gets from the user?. The goal of the website. Personally think that this is the company’s CEO and other big issues to think about.


is user demand and the actual needs of users in the end things, do website speaking, that is the main product site.

second step: scope layer

a valuable process leads to a valuable product

software we consider the functional specifications,

hypertext we consider the content requirements, that is, the scope of the content editor to work.

completion of the scope of the need for planners (or site planning) to complete the document.

determine the level of demand, as well as the steps to improve.

about this I think their work to be specific analysis, because the site should be planning to take into account the performance of the page, so I think the functional specifications here need to coordinate the completion of the technical department.

third step: structure layer

set the site architecture. Links between functions (called interactive design book, I think it is not appropriate. Always feel that interaction design should be the front page as the main form of information architecture, the link between the various information modules.

fourth step: frame layer

includes cleansing design, information design, navigation design. This is part of the page performance design.

fifth step: presentation layer

visual design, that is, we say the work done by web designers.

in accordance with the Jesse James Garrett planning process, site planning in the actual writing to consider the contents of these 5 layers. In fact, I think the basic site planning is to consider the content of the framework layer and the structure layer (I believe that big

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