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how to make the audience focus on the focus of your network marketing, and willing to click with the mouse, resulting in traffic and even sales, which has been a headache for the majority of traders point. Some industry insiders joked, network marketing is a "who can do, but who can not do live".

simply said, network marketing is to use every means to seize the attention of others, a female website president and CEO Hu Fei to define their own success. As the formation time of less than three years, the performance of the company has reached 80 million / year lending network, its own user location for the "urban white-collar women", decided their network marketing need to seize the user’s eye and attention. As long as the operation of a reasonable science, the use of integrated marketing network to achieve the purpose of attracting the attention of users is not difficult."

want to seize the user’s eye, the key is to strive to interact with the user. To effectively interact, you can try to proceed from the following aspects.

first is the "new" and "strange"". Love is the nature of human beings, things can always attract more attention. From the point of the "Jia Junpeng", in a network is littered with "your mother calling you home for dinner"; the last point such as "gold music", parody of video advertising in netizens become a joke at leisure at the same time, behind the scenes of a "gold" brand name also took the opportunity to hype a some.

The second is to learn how to use

and looking hot, looking for interesting events can arouse public slobber war and industry, network marketing effect will be good. The most typical occasion, should occur in various industries like the site, such as Eric has all kinds of experts and professors, to provide a good soil the hot events "collective occasion to hype". For example, after Google "evacuation door" make the Alibaba immediately raise a Babel of criticism of, Ma said publicly, fully support the government’s review of the regulatory system. Show their position, but also clever to do a self hype. Throw after the "25 yuan", "hard" by excellence last week, has said it will sue the outstanding consumer groups. The other B2C are not even fall, should also take the opportunity to shout slogans, set up field and resolution.

there is a real event, events, etc., to impress consumers. This kind of activity to choose the platform, an antidote against the disease, to adorn the network’s brand as an example. Decorate the network’s energy-saving as one of the representatives of the domestic cosmetic brand, relying on the network to open up the beauty makeup ask "column of real-time services, often provide first-hand cosmetic beauty consulting for female users. Covers whitening, acne, breast and thin most female user concerns. The mode of operation is mainly based on "online consultation", supplemented by web consulting, which greatly meets the demands of female users. Cultivate a number of potential consumers, to further explore the future of the market, providing the soil.

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