Viral online advertising is worth thinking for webmaster to learn

spend the least money, to achieve the maximum publicity, is the common goal of all enterprises, advertising companies.

viral network video advertising is such a way of publicity. The so-called "viral" network advertising is a advertising promotion without the need of human will, for example, a few years ago, Baidu series of small ads, "China Mobile China Unicom Chinese satirical spoof video, they spread by netizens spontaneously to complete the transfer, did not spend money to buy advertising on the internet. Because do not need to spend money to buy advertising, so now the enterprises are willing to use this way to do product promotion or publicity, especially love the movie spoof "way (that is, the various film clips spliced together again," the cost of making dubbing) movie spoof "is very low, but the effect seems to be good. These two years often have to find me to do this kind of thing.

but now I want to advise those who also want to continue to do the "viral" online advertising business, don’t waste money on it. You have not found, except for a few years before Baidu’s series of small ads, as well as other "video spoof China Mobile Chinese satire Unicom", we have not seen the success of the "viral" network advertising case? Now the "viral" network advertising but have not reached the emerge in an endless stream, the goal of independent transmission, Internet users don’t want to look, the more reluctant to transfer.

in order to deceive the owners, or to the campaign, the advertising company (or video production company) had to spend money to do the ads in the traditional media, to do publicity for their video spoof, which can attract a person to see the video. Even worse is the advertising company (or video production company) in order to deceive the owners, fraud in the video click rate and net friend comment, was not what people see the video but there are millions, tens of millions of hits, there are many "friends" in praise. Plus the newspaper that soft, so business owners mistakenly thought that the campaign was successful, but I didn’t think they start doing suckers. Of course, all of this comes from the lack of understanding of the current situation of the network and the network culture, resulting in a wrong judgment.

now the Internet has been a small advertising Baidu, China Mobile’s spoof video when it was completely different. Baidu ads and China Mobile video stories appeared in 2005, when the network text or picture era, almost no video, occasionally one or two video, as long as the content of fun, all of a sudden spread. This kind of video can be spread, in addition to their good looks, the lack of online video is also an important reason. 2006 began the rise of online video, China suddenly appeared hundreds of video sites, coupled with the wanton theft of movies, TV shows, online video suddenly showed explosive growth, the content is extremely rich. In this case, one or two self or spoof video programs to attract talent shows itself was more difficult, the general people is not enough, must be able to attract people especially (such as CGX like video). >

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