Successfully sold the company for the first time to get these 5 experiences

is the founder of not all technology companies must be trained? Do not know a technology there is no success in the field of science and technology in Moiz? Ali this is white, he founded Caskers company successfully sold, is now a new venture. Recently, according to his personal experience in the past, this kind of entrepreneurs can learn from the five enlightenment.


October 2013, my partner and I are negotiating for the sale of Gaskers. Gaskers is an online shop selling spirits, and by October, it was just a year and a half. The negotiations have been going on for months and are getting closer and closer to our deadline. If you have had the same experience before, you will know how confused and anxious I was, and I thought of all the factors that would affect the sale of the company.

I had nothing to do but wait for the week before

sold it. My team (in fact only three people: my partner, and only one employee) will come to the company at half past nine in the morning, at noon the day before the work is done, then we will go to the lower east side of Manhattan Hair of the Dog sports bar to drink and chat, at eight p.m. happy home. It’s been a dream this week, I haven’t been to the bar for more than a year. I spend all my time on the company, watching it start, develop and finally be sold. In fact, in the creation of this period of time, I learned a lot of Gaskers, which is the five most important I think.

1, frugal

is now a lot of venture capital companies are not controlled, we do not have the budget to establish the basic Gaskers. We think of a new business model: no need to stock, reduce office space. Our website is a free WordPress plugin. We paid $35 for a custom theme, and asked a India developer to do what we could not do. Our main spending is on Logo, we spend $800 to design the three program, and choose the best. Overall, we spent a total of $1200 before the site was officially established.

site on the line, my focus is how to save the company in the case of the most rapid development.

· we use Mailchimp to send and receive mail. When the site users reached 5000, I registered FoundersCard, so that we can have a free trial period of two months Mailchimp. That saved us $400.

· a few months later, the Birchbox For Men agreed to be purchased by the user >

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