Network group purchase you sing his debut

a, buy, was a good thing,


in 2005, when I, or I am now a few also play in the first line of the network of friends who have personally organized to buy. Remember that time in the overseas Chinese tea lane road community, every day is really a hundred responses to a single call hastily! Run business, negotiation, send and receive mail, the busier happy. However, up to now the industry’s eyes, that is, whether the naive


later, I have analyzed numerous times to buy the theorem: for businesses or buyers, the price of the group with the increase in the volume of decline.

this should be the basic principle of buy. However, this principle is not perfect, because the group has become a format


two, become a format to buy

There is a paragraph

long ago Xinhua News Online: "senior marketing expert Shen Ming president believes that the group purchase as a new marketing model, is a kind of excellent network marketing." Yes, the main types of home sales site is generally become: buy.

different so-called buy, what is the difference? First of all, to talk about my dream of group buying additional theorem:

buy convener different nature, buy different prices.

employment status, the fundamental understanding of the study is to buy the group sponsors. Buy this role – he / she can be:

business — to initiate the group purchase benefit;

Group purchase profit

profit initiated by helping businesses — Megalobrama

;Of course,

obligations of Megalobrama huoleifeng, huoleifeng has its own purpose;

buyers — Megalobrama itself is the buyers, through the organization of group purchase their money.

The role of Megalobrama

analysis, we can draw the conclusion:

1) and the obligations of buyers was Megalobrama low price group purchase may be


2) can form a large number of purchase behavior of Megalobrama organization group purchase price may be low.

3) for the purpose of profit is not necessarily lower than the market price.

4) the above 3 points may be contradictory.

personal profit since Megalobrama appeared, tissue type Megalobrama profit also occur naturally. This is the emergence of this year, such as the emergence of a group buying network.

three, analysis of the story of a buy network

if you write a novel about the group buying network, a number of professional group buy plot should be so written ——-

I imagine a group will be the star of the host, give him the name is Wang, the novel to write his first person, then you can arrange a few episodes.

note: a story is purely fictitious and any similarity is not responsible for


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