Ten years down the three batch of car loan industry platform how to make self hematopoietic capacity

Abstract: before the automobile finance really broke out, a small platform need to see their own weaknesses, such as small scale, lack of endorsement, the transaction operations team such as lack of experience, but also should not improperly belittle oneself.


car loan has been relatively mature asset type in the P2P industry, the collateral is easy to dispose of, the business is easy to standardize, but very limited profit margins. At least for the time being, many platforms have not yet been profitable, especially the cost of the line, just in the industry sector will have to spend a lot of manpower and material resources.

according to the third party authority statistics, as of now, involving car loan business P2P platform reached more than 1 thousand and 300. In addition to ranking on the micro credit network, in front of which network investment, the emergence of a large number of fruit trees, into the emerging potential wealth platform.

is worth mentioning is that in June 19, 2016, including the above mentioned platform, a total of 10 well-known car loan platform jointly launched the first domestic car loan alliance marks car loan industry to alleviate information asymmetry, improve risk control ability to establish a new milepost, this car loan industry to a new level.

car loan is one of the first batch of the outbreak of the financial sector in the Internet asset class, traditional banks as chicken ribs, dirty and tired also suffer, far better than the previous service has high net users.

but the car ownership growth in recent years, the financial needs of small and micro lives, create a trillion level market space for the net loan platform based and growth, especially in recent years, Ali and other Internet giants Tencent also see business opportunities has the layout of auto finance industry, the future of this segment of the competition will be more intense.

ten years ago, the Internet banking industry has entered a period of development from the embryonic period. Ten years, the car loan industry twists and turns, and more recently the similar "rumors of car loan will be broken myth", I do not think the car loan industry on the decline, the unlimited potential of the industry, the platform does not survive can be roughly summed up for the following reasons:

the first batch of dead platform: motives / chop and change

recently, the author observed that many of the original financial supermarket Internet financial enterprises began to transition, cultivating automobile finance.

this is a very interesting phenomenon, because the market focus on car loan business accounted for P2P of the total market share of about 1/3, according to the current growth trend of the future will continue to grow, after all, consumer loans, car loans and credit loans, mortgage has the advantages of easy pricing, flow There is nothing comparable to this. Strong, adequate collateral value, single bad debt does not affect the overall profitability.

whether it is a new admission platform, or look at the fat car finance this giant, car loans are an ideal entry into the field of Internet banking.

but since the choice of car loans, we must abide by the beginning of the heart, the first car loan business to do fine, strong, and then consider other involved

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