Webmaster to learn to do the same with Jobs marketing


we are struggling to find at the time of marketing, Jobs told us what is the highest level of marketing: every apple product launch not in time, people have infinite yearning for it, and for the first time to get the latest Apple products. Marketing here in Jobs has been reversed, Jobs has become a legend in the marketing sector. So how does Joe help the Lord in marketing?

four words can be used to sum up the essence of marketing: product, service, experience, beliefs.

marketing is the starting point of the product:

in Jobs’s marketing plan, the product is the first. Apple has been able to become a symbol of the industry, and even affect the entire product, the stock market, which are inseparable from the quality of products.

Apple’s products can be described in 2 words: technology and innovation. Its operating system has been in the industry-leading level, from MAC OS 8 to MAC X and then to Ipod, Power G5, Apple’s products have been upgraded, technology is undoubtedly reflected. The innovation is deep into the bone marrow of apple, any new Apple will give people wow feeling, the feeling is that people will want to have the Apple’s first reason.

marketing is driven by services:

superior product is why people will choose apple, which is the basic service users will rely on apple, Apple’s products, you can get the best service, you can enjoy the other products do not enjoy. Continue to promote their services, so as to promote the stable products in the post, Jobs will achieve the ultimate service when the apple brand really began to be dependent on.

experience launched nationwide marketing:

based on products and services, apple harvest the perfect user experience, which laid the foundation of the word of mouth. Every Apple users have become Jobs’s opinion leaders, have begun to do publicity for apple, and ultimately Jobs to achieve the goal of universal marketing for apple.

the product of the highest marketing realm – Faith:

comprehensive marketing for apple, apple in the minds of consumers is no longer a tablet PC, a mobile phone brand, but to become a symbol, a pursuit, a belief.


had this belief, Apple products will become the one and only, no, even if other brands can provide better products at lower prices, but apple is still the first choice of consumers. This may be the highest level of marketing it.

from product to service to experience and faith, which is Jobs’s marketing. In his marketing strategy, we can learn that marketing is not just to optimize a series of communication channels, it is more

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