How to develop network promotion management

network to promote small and medium enterprises to obtain good results, first need to develop network brand promotion norms, such as the website construction, website maintenance, network planning, network marketing, network control and management and so on, to push the network studio will introduce.

a website construction

1 site construction planning: customer characteristics analysis, site positioning analysis, peer site analysis, site architecture analysis, web site design analysis, website function analysis, network marketing analysis;

2 web site planning and Design: website image planning, website content planning, website function development;

two, website maintenance

1 website daily update: company news, industry trends, new product release, enterprise forums, recruitment, contact information, and so on all the contents of the site updated in a timely manner;

2 site modifications: according to the company’s development requirements, the site to do appropriate to add, delete columns, and related procedures loopholes, redundant code changes. At the same time, the use of new technologies, new features in time to launch a new version of the site;

3 site security: domain name, virtual space, web site background and other related account password timely change, to ensure network security;

three, network planning

1 network brand planning: the development of network brand promotion plan, the integration of a variety of marketing resources, enhance the consistency and integrity of the brand appeal, the establishment of a unified brand image.

1.1 analysis of network brand positioning, status quo and future trends;

1.2 industry status, characteristics and future trends;

The analysis of

1.3 network structure: the user’s age, gender, income, education level, habits and so on the refinement of potential customers;

1.4 to develop the network brand promotion plan;

1.5 implementation of the network brand promotion plan;

1.6 evaluation network promotion effect;

2 network advertising planning

2.1 a little creativity: online advertising to humanity, visualization, with new ideas;

2.2 establishes specific target populations;

2.3 production points: online advertising title, background, content, interaction;

2.4 reasonable control costs

2.5 analysis and evaluation: time, place, evaluation, summary effect;

four, network marketing

1 soft Wen marketing

1.1 planning the preparation of various types of soft Wen: industry, knowledge, practicality, common sense, professional, dynamic, hype, reputation, etc. readability articles;

1.2 is the integration of various media resources, each for release to >