Original music base 5sing controversy the reoccurrence predicament domain strong

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after 5sing WO99 cannot access the domain name network cover accompaniment suspended analysis

renamed China (eName.cn) June 23rd news, it is reported that recently, China original music base 5sing can not access the site, this event is to raise a Babel of criticism of trouble. 5sing days before the storm began struggling, is acting in the domain name and the website. The original 5sing vest, this area managers, issued a statement to crush rumors, but the name of 5sing.com

can be strong?


figure: micro-blog information

Chinese original music base 5sing network domain name is hold, display resolution, unable to access, there are users spread the news that, "5sing vest, called China independent music network, can be directly used 5sing account login". In this regard, the station administrator Yeluoluo forwarding @ micro-blog, rebuked untrue reports, and warned 5sing users, do not enter the 5sing account in any other website, or risk the account is stolen, all 5sing related information will be released through official channels.


micro-blog information

as early as last week, 5sing official micro-blog has issued a notice that, due to the sudden failure of the site, 5sing site will be suspended for maintenance and upgrade services. Some netizens expressed frustration, look at the situation in 5sing, a short time estimates can not be used, and now can not use the domain name. It is understood that 5sing belongs to the cool dog company, the domain name 5sing.com record information for the Guangzhou cool dog Computer Technology Co., ltd..

this is a netizen @ three is not enough to eat ah, I think there is a competitor deliberately black. Now think of the black target may also be cool dog. 5sing license number is cool dog. However, in accordance with the procedures for the approval of the cool dog application, 5sing independent domain name does not include. The solution to the problem, one is to get permission, the two is to completely abandon the original domain name 5sing.

at present, two EVA music site 5sing, the country’s largest wo99 are not logged in. Some people think that whether it will repeat the mistakes of earlier fenbei; it was also said that the 5sing is because they do not pay attention to copyright issues, the national inventory is completely shut down, 5sing has helped promote the song lyrics, the song lyrics itself has violated the original author’s rights (no permission). Up to now, the small series of official website domain name 5sing.com, still jump to the navigation page.

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