The horizon of gossip from the perspective of title

      title video site is very particular, according to the current popular name, referred to as "students", the more interesting.

      1, scrambling class

      Youku Network – the world are watching – China’s first video site

      I music network
      the country’s largest free video sharing platform – – I music network

      cool 6 network
      video sharing portal Cool 6 network

      popcorn video
      popcorn Video – watch the world, show yourself – China’s largest and most fun free video sharing center

    energy-saving; energy-saving   · Chinese first original video portal

      good students tend to be more attention, so we are trying to fight, Youku students, I music students, cool 6 students momentum is very strong. Foreign students are a special emphasis on the original. Popcorn students are lagging behind, but please pay attention to an attribute: the largest and most fun…….

      2, experience life class

      Tudou video podcast – everyone is the director of life

    even-even;   even-even –

on you.

      I show
      I show – – I show video, my life, my stage

      potato classmate’s dream is to let everyone as a director, to show their own characteristics. My classmate’s dream is to let everyone is an actor, to show their true colors. In fact, everyone in life plays a different role, or even the same.

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