Baidu open platform to deal with hundreds of millions of daily search requests

August 23, 2010, according to the latest data from Baidu’s official statistics show that billions of search requests submitted to Baidu in the global Internet users every day, there have been more than one hundred million times the request to achieve a direct docking of various high-quality resources and Baidu open platform on the Internet, thus showing a better search results. This also means that in the box computing concept of technology to promote and influence, China’s Internet search experience is undergoing a qualitative leap, the future search engine will be more convenient, intuitive, accurate, high quality.

a year ago, Baidu CEO Robin Li first proposed the "Box Computing" concept, the future trend that the Internet should be a research focus on the needs of users, and based on the concept of Technology launched open platform, is committed to promoting direct docking of a large number of Internet resources through the search box and the user needs to bring high-quality search experience for users.

today, Internet users in the Baidu search page weather, the first search result is the authority of the official information from the National Meteorological Department of the graphical display; search "from Beijing to Shanghai by train, will be able to see the structured form included the train number, running time, fares and other information; and closely related to people’s daily work the job recruitment, online translation and other needs, also can be intuitive and accurate answers obtained through Baidu’s open platform. It is reported that, at present, Baidu open platform has more than and 400 partners, covering all aspects of life, work, entertainment, business and so on.

recently further news that in September 2nd the upcoming 2010 World Congress on Baidu, Baidu will also unveil a new "open platform" mystery, to promote more direct docking Internet applications and user needs high quality, so that Internet users in the search keywords related applications, to achieve instant use in the search results page".

‘Box Computing’ every small step forward, the search for Internet users to enhance the experience is a big step." It points out that the evaluation surnamed Zhang, Professor of Computer Department of Tsinghua University, in the past year, Baidu in the open field of rich harvest data, a large number of official information and data collection of high quality data resources for users to experience high-quality search foundation. Now, China users to search software, games, business and other three party applications demand is increased significantly, Baidu launched an open application related initiatives, justifies it. In addition to data applications, Baidu open platform will significantly optimize and enhance the search experience of Chinese Internet users.

according to the latest CNNIC statistics, the number of Chinese Internet users has reached 420 million, forming a huge Internet users, information and various applications are showing explosive growth. Professor Zhang said, in this environment, the user needs as the starting point, Baidu open platform to open and win-win as the core, in improving the Internet experience, promote industrial development, promote social innovation, will release more and more important and positive influence.

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