31 units to obtain the nternet mapping service grade mapping qualification

Beijing, September (reporter Zhou Yin) 8, 2009, the 31 Units of the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping of the Internet mapping services issued by a class of Surveying and mapping qualification certificate. To obtain qualification units can be used by the competent department of Surveying and mapping administration audit public publishing and published maps, through wired or wireless communication network for the public to provide map search, location services, geographic information mark service, map download, copy service, map sending, reference service.

National Mapping Bureau official said that in recent years, China’s Internet map of the market prosperity to people’s social lives of the rich and convenient, but also triggered a series of disturbing social stability and endanger the national security problem: some organizations and individuals of the national territory awareness is not strong, intentionally or unintentionally, release using the wrong national territory; involving national security and some sensitive, not open the geographic information data is uploaded on the Internet map, mark. There are Internet map service problems not only harm the interests of consumers, and the disclosure of classified geographic information is likely to become the national security risks, will damage the interests of the state.

to this end, the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping in May this year, revised the issuance of the "Internet map service professional standards", and in accordance with the "standards" issued a map of the Internet service class "Surveying and mapping qualification certificate". Through the implementation of Internet map service market access system, strengthen the business unit capacity according to management, scientific management, to further improve the Internet map service business unit of the service level, a strong impetus to the prosperity and development of the Internet map of the market and geographic information industry.

It is reported that

, to further improve the management level of the Internet map service qualification of Surveying and mapping, the National Mapping Bureau will strengthen the guidance of the provincial administrative departments of Surveying and mapping, accelerating the area under the jurisdiction of a and B Internet map service mapping qualification review work; by strengthening policy research, improve the trustworthy incentives, dishonesty Internet map service mapping unit disciplinary system, the establishment of long-term the regulatory mechanism of Internet map of the market; will also establish a contact mechanism and Internet map service units, guide and promote the healthy development of Internet map market.

in addition, the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping requirements of the Internet mapping services mapping units to further strengthen the confidentiality of management to ensure network security. Through the Internet geographic information mark and transmission security management to establish the corresponding rules and regulations, to strengthen staff safety. Especially map the confidentiality of personnel education and training, and provide the basis for the Internet geographic information security.

so far, 744 people have been through the examination of security personnel training. The map of the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping organization and obtain the qualification.

National Bureau of Surveying and mapping to the community announced the 31 access to the Internet mapping service class mapping qualification units, they are:

Beijing (12)

1, National Basic Geographic Information Center

2, China Cartographic Publishing House

3, Beijing information

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