Domain name and.De spreads nearly 300 thousand yuan suffix is the main reason

renamed China ( August 14th hearing, according to the latest issue of the Sedo trading week reported, "chat" domain name and respectively to 99999 euros (about 820 thousand yuan) and 65000 euros (about 530 thousand yuan) price auction knot. Two subjects of the same domain name why the price difference nearly doubled, there are users guess or because of the.De sellers voluntary sale price. However, in the domain name transaction, the suffix can really decide life and death,


figure: domain name

in the domain name trading market, often the main body of the same domain name, because of the different suffixes in the transaction with a different price. For example, the 2 letter domain name, there are rumors that year tour spent millions to acquire the domain name, and the.Cn domain of at the beginning of the landing phase only on the price of 390 thousand yuan to node shoot,.Cc domain name is just 20500 yuan. The price difference is very big!

coincidentally, "so is the mobile domain name, at the beginning of the year only 226 thousand of the price of knot shot, but in the last month, price as high as $238 thousand, nearly 1 million 480 thousand yuan. transaction price in April is as high as $500 thousand, nearly 3 million 100 thousand yuan, but also refresh the highest transaction record.NET domain name. While changed when the price reached $160 thousand, nearly 1 million. But’s trading price is only $15 thousand, about 94 thousand.

similar to the above example is the evaluation of a visible meet the eye everywhere, the value of the domain name, domain name, in addition to the length of the main meaning of the domain name suffix, but also an important evaluation standard, sometimes even can decide completely is very valuable or not worth a hair a domain name. The domain name suffix in numerous mainstream.Com domain can be said is always the other domain name suffix God’s favored one, far behind.

Although the

.Com domain name suffix is the most expensive, but also difficult to avoid the fact that increasingly saturated and domain name investors "faithless". In recent years, the domain name suffix to other country to represent the domain has been rising, although only occasionally was trading at high prices, but the value should not be underestimated.

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