The United States Mission Ali insider break from ambiguous to all-round confrontation

[Abstract] Ali did not agree with the United States and the United States at the beginning of the merger review, and even threatened to withdraw from the U.S. mission to comment on the new company.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on November 27th

has attracted much attention to the United States mission has entered a new phase of the substantive review. In the new company announced CEO Zhang Tao as chairman of the board, the U.S. group CEO Wang Xing (micro-blog) as CEO, recently launched a new company name activities, at the same time, a new round of financing is still advancing u.s..

Compared with

, the 58 city market drops fast merge, Ctrip holding go, behind the beauty group comments combined battle is very fierce, not only a comment most co-founder also broke out, between the United States and the former shareholders of Alibaba in the group conflict intensified.

recently frequently exposed beauty group robbed the cashier Alipay signs, tore up the posters, also require businesses to continue to stop Alipay and group cooperation news. Although the United States Mission officials stressed that only a person’s behavior, but the United States and Ali business conflicts intensified.

Ali is also frequent action, significantly increase the support of Ali reputation. Ali’s direct confrontation is the core business of the U.S. group, recently also received joint investment intentions and other fishing boats. Not only that, the outside world is also rumored to be selling new shares of the United States of America’s 7% stake in the new company.

so in the comment and beauty group after the merger, O2O market competition pattern, already from the original beauty group (backed by ALI), comments (backed by Tencent), rice (backed by Baidu) the confrontation between, is gradually evolved into the U.S. group comments (backed by Tencent), word of mouth (backed by ALI), rice (backed by Baidu) the confrontation between.

An important reason for this result is due to

, Wang hopes to maintain independent development, grasp the control of the company, this violates Ali consistently seeks absolute control demands, control, and the Tencent does not require comment on U.S. group new company so beautiful group comments and Tencent began to get closer, and and Ali away. According to the investment industry sources, the U.S. group commented on the original merger, it did not get the support of the original U.S. group shareholders Ali, is the merger of the king and other shareholders after the Sequoia and forced through.

group management to grasp the company’s right to speak

8 in October this year, the U.S. Group reviews announced the merger, then informed sources broke the news, the U.S. group merger and comment is a merger of equals, and investors have different exchange ratio. After the merger, the two companies hold the same seats on the board of the new company.

According to Tencent

technology after understanding the U.S. group and the review is not in fact 5:5 convertible, but 66:34, before the merger of U.S. group valuation exceeded $10 billion, the same period on preparations for strategic emerging board, let some shareholders exit valuation is $5 billion.

U.S. group comments after the merger valuation is $15 billion, the new company is ready to dilute the cost of financing $20% shares of $3 billion, after the completion of the financing, the United States Mission points

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