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is a common female accessory breast malformation. It is often the development of the organization, most of the baby’s breasts, or just a skin pigment deepened, the central can have a little bit of skin after the increase, similar to a small nipple. Some only breast, some only nipple, but there are also visible in the armpit of the whole body (nipple). Areola, gland), and large. Before menstruation also swollen pain Furu during pregnancy, increased significantly in the nipple and give milk secretion to milk.

2 tumors have a sense of acid swelling, especially those who have obvious before;

3 finger palpation can pinch, soft quality, the boundary is not clear, flexible organization of gland sense of touch;

is generally not what Furu impact on the human body, but may give you have psychological uneasiness and life inconvenience, about 0. 1% of women can develop breast cancer. Because the position is different from the normal breast milk, sometimes easy to ignore. So when two increases, the inconvenience of living have swollen fast suspected tumor, to go to the doctor.

from the womb of milk bring. In the sixth week embryos, embryo only a little more than 1 cm, the trunk of both sides of the ventral ectoderm cells, thickening of the formation of ridged, equivalent to the armpit to the groin of the two curved line, a ridge called Shengru line line, there are many breast primordial.

as a result of people generally only one or two births, do not need a lot of breast, so only a pair of breasts before the beginning of the breast to continue to develop, forming a nipple bud. Three months into the embryo, the formation of the mammary duct. The rest of the mammary glands gradually subsided after ninth weeks. Such as incomplete degradation, is the formation of excess breast after birth, is called on medicine two or more breast disease.

1 a local swelling or subcutaneous mass around or near the axilla;

Furu it is not entirely the result of degradation, milk may also is the result of the external force breast deformation. Because of the long time wearing improper underwear or too tight coat, will cause oppression on the chest. Like sharpening doublet, or wearing too small, poor coated underwear, it is easy to originally belong to the chest of meat meat to the push, thus forming two.

with 4 fingers up in tight skin showed a similar fatty phyllodes;

"Furu" problem is a topic of concern, many women, according to estimates, the average per 4 women of one person Furu, probability is so high, please check your armpit is not a casual visitor.

Furu harm

accessory is formed?

of the mass can be touched if activities should be thought of and induration fibroma may. If the mass of the accessory breast induration or obvious.

In addition to the formation of

5 mass near infrared scanning of breast gray image.

health self testing: determine whether you have two

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